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PROFECT AQUATIC can also be used as a virus pre soak to clean farms in a specific virus control prograamme and is also non toxic according to EU standards for soil toxicity , lower aquatic toxicity and does not present any threat to water treatment facilities when used as directed . PROFECT AQUATIC consists mainly of inorganic salts which decomposes into harmless by products . the surfactant is a salt of a straight chain giving more than 90% biodegradability and is applied as terminal cleanout and as continuous water sanitation and is also considered to be most suitable for use in all stages of aquaculture farming practices. Surface application : PROFECT AQUATIC is used to clean and disinfect with an application rate of 300ml per sq.mts of 1% solution USAGE INSTRUCTION OF PROFECT AQUATIC ARE: Prawn /shrimp pond : 1 kg to 2 kg /ha Fish pond : 500 gm to 1 kg/Ha For prevention of diseases: Apply PROFECT AQUATIC once every fortnight according to water quality. For treatment diseases : Apply PROFECT AQUATIC once every 3-5 days or as recommended by an aquaculture consultant or technician. APPLICATION PROCEDURE : Dissolve required quantity of PROFECT AQUATIC in water outside the pond in clean container and then spray uniformly throughout the pond. PRESENTATION: 500 gm and 1 kg